Canaries: Refuge in the Means

Canaries: Refuge in the Means

Courtesy Recess


Tuesdays, 12-6 p.m. Continues through Oct. 29 2016

Location Info:

Recess Activities, Inc.
41 Grand St.
New York, NY  10013
"How do you want to die?" is the title of one of the workshops conducted by a duo of death doulas as part of this two-month-long residency and exhibition by the Canaries collective. The program was among several related events covering topics such as fecal microbial transplantation, autoimmune nutrition, radical vulnerability, and — still to come — workshops on calling in sick and astrology and trauma. During Recess's gallery hours, the space acts as a literal refuge for members of the group — who are united through their experiences with chronic illness — and anyone passing by. The space's sunny storefront area has been turned into a cozy resting space with a library of books on self-help, dietary health, and political theory, along with tea and filtered water. In the back, a meditation altar features several of the group's effects, transforming this ritual device into a reminder of all of the objects that impose themselves on the sick. This offering sums up a key personal and political part of the project: Canaries want to share what ails them, and they want to help you feel better.

"Refuge in the Means" runs through October 29 at Recess. Click here for program information.
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