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681 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11238

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Citrico opened in Prospect Heights in the spring of 2014. The bright and airy dining room on Washington Avenue turns out plates that are, presentation-wise, a step above the average taqueria, and taste-wise, up there with the best of them.


Freshly made in-house tortillas, both white and blue corn varieties, and crispy-fried quesadillas come stuffed with shredded chipotle-spiced tinga chicken, spinach and squash blossoms, or even huitlacoche, the earthy corn fungus that is celebrated in Mexico but rarely found in restaurants here. The FISH TACOS, a signature dish is absolutely perfect, with a generous hunk of crunchy batter-fried fish served on a warm blue corn tortilla, and topped by a deeply spicy chipotle mayo and fresh pico.


Traditionally prepared TORTA and CEMITA sandwiches, and a full range of larger entrees, from CHILES RELLENOS stuffed with shrimp and octopus to POLLO ENCHILADO, a tender, chipotle-rubbed baked chicken doused in onion, garlic, and the restaurant’s namesake citrus flavors.


Prices start at $4 for a generously-sized taco, $5 for quesadillas, sandwiches start at $8, and $12 to $16 for the larger plates. There’s also a lengthy menu of hangover-busting breakfast items, from CHILAQUILES doused in red salsa and fried eggs, to steak and eggs with avocado salsa and home fries.


It’s nice to see a brand-new spot like this that keeps things affordable while turning out simple, old-school food that can stand bite-to-bite with most fancy fare.


681 Washington Avenue (between St. Marks and Prospect Place); 347-955-4519


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