Company XIV: <i>Paris</i>

Steven Trumon Gray


Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Continues through Nov. 12 2016

Location Info:

Irondale Center
85 S. Oxford St.
Brooklyn, NY  11217
Seduction is the order of the evening when Austin McCormick's Company XIV (named after Louis the Fourteenth) takes the stage, this season back in the borough where the daring choreographer got his start in 2006. His ambition is "to become the Moulin Rouge of New York." Witness his new Paris, a baroque-burlesque vision of the Greek myth of the Judgement of Paris. This story, which explains the start of the Trojan War, centers on a beauty contest among Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena, in which the winner gets a golden apple. McCormick, a Juilliard grad, sets the show in a French dance hall and gets three new naked women to celebrate in his signature over-the-top style, fusing dance, opera, circus, storytelling, and high fashion. Champagne will be available; only those sixteen and over will be admitted.


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