Conrad Schnitzler's "Rote Kassette"


Sat., Aug. 8, 6 p.m. 2015

Location Info:

Academy Records
12 W. 18th St.
New York, NY  10011
Academy Records (12 West 18th Street) will honor the work of legendary German electronic music composer Conrad Schnitzler with a free concert on August 8th at 6 PM, conducted by Gen Ken Montgomery, himself a legend of the New York City experimental scene. Montgomery will conduct "Rote Kassette" ("Red Cassette") using multiple cassette decks, affording a rare opportunity to hear the work in the multi-dimensional manner that Schnitzler had intended. "Rote Kassette" was self-released by Schnitzler in 1973 and is being reissued in its entirety and original format for the first time. The public is invited to bring working cassette players to the performance, with the first ten to do so receiving complimentary copies of the tape. Schnitzler (1937-2011) best known for his participation in two seminal Krautrock groups, Tangerine Dream and Kluster, was a multifaceted artist who worked in painting, sculpture and film in addition to his prolific output as a composer. Gen Ken Montgomery was a friend and collaborator of Schnitzler, whose enthusiam and creativity inspired Montgomery in the late 1980s to open Generator, a studio/performance space/gallery in lower Manhattan that promoted the DIY cassette culture of the period. "Generator would not have existed without Conrad's lighting the fire," says Montgomery. "Rote Kassette" is the ninth and newest release on Montgomery's recently revived cassette label, Generations Unlimited. The performance is one of a series of events happening in August throughout New York City featuring the music and visual art of Schnitzler.


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