Cornelia Parker: Transitional Object (PsychoBarn)

Cornelia Parker: <i>Transitional Object (PsychoBarn)</i>

Hyla Skopitz


Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Continues through Oct. 31 2016

Location Info:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY  10028
The Bates family house, which sits, large and looming, above the modest motel run by awkward Norman (Anthony Perkins), is a source of particular terror in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960), serving as home to the shadowy window interactions between mother and son that first clue poor Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) in to the eerie dynamic underpinning the family business. The house itself wasn't a complete original — Hitchcock, like Terrence Malick on Days of Heaven (1978), was inspired by Edward Hopper's House by the Railroad (1925) — and this summer it has spawned yet another ancestral limb, on view for a few more weeks on the Met's roof garden. With Transitional Object (PsychoBarn), the British artist Cornelia Parker has reconfigured the Psycho house as a scaled-down structure, running almost thirty feet high and drawing much of its red-barn material from a farm in upstate New York. The spooky piece is coming down on Halloween, so catch it while you can — on the roof or even down below in Central Park, where its ghostly eminence up above might make you feel a little like Marion.
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