Dawn Clements: Tables and pills and things


2017-04-27 11:00:00
11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. every Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun. until May 7

Location Info:

155 Suffolk St
New York, New York  10002
If you need a calming break from political stress, spend some time with these quiet dreamscapes of the ordinary. Giving the still life a cinematic twist, Dawn Clements sketches a room or tabletop as if viewing it through a slowly moving camera, capturing various perspectives, shifts in time, and, in larger works, a kind of tracking-shot movement. Gently drawn and delicately colored on thin, wrinkled paper, her domestic scenes convey both the fleeting significance of the daily routine and the poignancy of a moment later remembered.

Installation view courtesy Pierogi.
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