Die Antwoord

Amanda Demme Die Antwoord

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Terminal 5
610 W. 56th St.
New York, NY  10019
Trashy, brilliant, shocking, genius — those are just a few of the oft-thrown-around descriptors of the Cape Town rap-rave group Die Antwoord. Whatever the opinion, the duo of Ninja and Yolandi Visser is indisputably memorable, with a distinct look and sound that mixes the high- and low-brow to mesmerizing effect. Borrowing from the South African cultural movement known as "zef," Die Antwoord gained traction after their video "Enter the Ninja" — with its out-there style, Ninja's rapid-fire raps, and Visser's baby-voice coos — went viral. A deal with Interscope soon followed, only to be spurned later amid rising U.S. popularity. (In 2011, the group made a video with the notorious Harmony Korine.) This September saw the release of Die Antwoord's fourth full-length, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid, an album as weird and juvenilely wonderful as its song titles ("Gucci Coochie," "Wings on My Penis," "Banana Brain") indicate. Though rumors have been circulating of the band's eventual breakup, Die Antwoord is for now firmly intact and on the road.
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