The mythology of tango has the form originating in the 1880s among cowboys on the pampas of Argentina, and then developing in the slums of Montevideo and Buenos Aires. But the couple dance and its associated music swiftly became a craze in the parlors of the world’s great cities. Now Polly Ferman's sultry, all-female ensemble, founded in 2008, arrives with choreography by Mariana Parma; projections by Federico Bongiorno; singer Mariela Marco; Ferman at the piano, with five other instrumentalists; and a team of dancers from Argentina and Uruguay, including Parma, Karina Romero, Valeria Solomonoff, and two guest dancers from Buenos Aires, Vidala Barboza and Romina Levin. They'll all be moving backward and in high heels. If you plan to sit, plan to buy drinks and food — or, as the LPR menu puts it, solids and liquids.
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