iO Tillett Wright: Darling Days

iO Tillett Wright: <i>Darling Days</i>

Ryan Pfluger

These days, iO Tillett Wright is based in Los Angeles, but he's definitely a New Yorker by birth and at heart. In his debut memoir, Darling Days, the activist/artist/actor recounts his unorthodox childhood on the Lower East Side in the Eighties and Nineties. The child of a widowed showgirl who lacked a knack for parenting but was fiercely protective nonetheless, iO tells how he grew up around an acquired family of drag queens, punk rockers, and drug addicts, in a world where the only weird thing a person could do was be normal. Mostly it's a tale of self-invention and re-invention: How iO, at age six, decided to adopt the persona of a boy named Ricky, transitioning gender with the encouragement and support of the adults in his life. Hear the writer, who photographed 9,801 self-declared "other than straight" people as part of his Self Evident Truths project, talk about the new book here.
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