Kevin Avery: It's All One Case

Kevin Avery: <i>It's All One Case</i>

Courtesy Fantagraphics

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163 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY  11201
Letters and photographs say much about the people we admire — even the stuff that's long been hidden. To write his latest book, It's All One Case, Kevin Avery dived deep into a private archive of documents left by Ross Macdonald, the beloved author of a hardboiled detective series starring private investigator Lew Archer. Searching through Macdonald's papers, Avery discovered a version of the author the world has yet to meet: a man with a fascinating early career, dual citizenship, and a range of unexpected writerly influences. Insightful and engaging, the book is also lovely to look at: It's filled with rare-edition covers of Macdonald's books as well as reproductions of photos of the author with celebrity friends. Here, Avery discusses his new book with Jeff Wong, the artist and illustrator who designed the cover of The Archer Files, an acclaimed collection of Lew Archer stories released in 2007.


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