Luscious Jackson

Doug Seymour

With its unique spoken-word verses and harmonic earworm chorus, "Naked Eye" became a surprise mid-Nineties success for alt-pop quartet Luscious Jackson, an unlikely hit in an era more commonly associated with the grittier sound of grunge. Truly, Luscious Jackson were of a different breed, more closely linked to genre-mashing acts like the Beastie Boys. Not only did they release their debut EP and subsequent three full-lengths on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label — Luscious Jackson's lineup even solidified around Kate Schellenbach, the Beasties' drummer during their early, punk-oriented "Fight for Your Right (To Party)" incarnation. Formed in 1991 in New York, Luscious Jackson was hugely influenced by the city's eclectic musical landscape, but by 1999, their families and side projects had begun to take precedence and the band went on hiatus. Finally returning as a trio (with bassist Jill Cunniff and guitarist Gabby Glaser sharing vocal and songwriting duties, and Schellenbach maintaining her unassailable position behind the kit), the band released Magic Hour in 2013, the long-awaited follow-up to 1999's Electric Honey, this time using a crowd-funded campaign called PledgeMusic. Their one-off homecoming show at the Bell House is quite the rarity — it's being billed as their only live appearance this year — but we’re keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed, hoping new material is just on the horizon.
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