Mad Max 2: Cast Reunion

<i>Mad Max 2</i>: Cast Reunion

Courtesy Alamo Drafthouse

It's fitting that the Drafthouse will celebrate action spectacular The Road Warrior (1981) with a post-screening Q&A highlighting key members of the movie's supporting cast, including Bruce "Gyro Captain" Spence, Vernon "Wez" Wells, Kjell "Lord Humungus" Nilsson, and Virginia "Warrior Woman" Hey. This is, after all, a high-octane romp that gets a lot of mileage out of its various bit players. Just look at Spence's brilliant pantomime when he whines at Max's dog that he should have the right to eat his own pet rattlesnake: "I trained it, so I'm gonna eat it!" Better yet, dig the mix of confusion, adoration, and excitement on the face of Emil "the Feral Child" Minty when she rides shotgun with Mad Mel during the deadly finale. If you're still not impressed, check out any scene where Wells runs around the desert growling like a lunatic while wearing ass-less chaps. The Road Warrior may be rightfully remembered as a pyrotechnical wonder and stuntwork showcase, but the ensemble cast is its secret weapon.


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