Based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Nathan Trice's nineteen-year-old "project-by-project dance theater" takes as its mission the presentation of art that reflects the importance of humanism, examining gender, identity, and culture. He's developed a platform, the Recognizing Women Project, to explore these issues collaboratively with his troupe, local dancers, and students. This season's I the object in my eye explores the contributions of young women to "female self-objectification in America." Also on the bill are the 2011 One's Trilogy, which investigates a son's relationship with his schizophrenic mother; the 2004 banDrui, inspired by indigenous myths of rites of passage; Mothers, a 2002 assemblage of six solos addressing the grieving processes of the mothers of various deceased culture heroes, and Their Speech Is Silver, Their Silence Is Gold, a 1997 work that struggles to define womanhood.


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