<i>Orwell in America</i>

Carol Rosegg Jamie Horton


Tue., Oct. 18, 7:15 p.m. and Tue., Oct. 25, 7:15 p.m. 2016

Location Info:

59E59 Theaters
59 E. 59th St.
New York, NY  10022
George Orwell's books continue to be a mainstay of middle-school classrooms across the country, but what would the man himself have said, standing in midcentury America and observing the scenes around him? Joe Sutton's play imagines Orwell (played by Jamie Horton) visiting the country in the aftermath of the Second World War, touring on the heels of the 1945 publication of Animal Farm. In his company is a woman who’s been hired to chaperone him on the journey and implore him to keep his political inclinations at a low boil. The premise of a young person accompanying an author of great esteem on a heart-of-America book tour recalls the recent David Foster Wallace movie The End of the Tour, and there is indeed something action-oriented about this production, which skips energetically among hotels and cities and speaking arenas. "Time and place are dealt with rather cinematically," Sutton said of the play, in an interview in Seven Days. Take the trip with him.
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