Philosophy for Kids

Ian Douglas

Anyone who's fielded a few "But why?" questions from a child knows that kids are naturally brimming with curiosity about the world around them. This weekend, there are several experts on hand to field those inquiries happily and engage children in discussions about life's biggest mysteries, from morality to mortality. As part of the Tilt Kids Festival — a weeklong, kid- friendly celebration of art — the French Institute Alliance Franc?aise and the Brooklyn Public Library will host a series of philosophy workshops for the little ones. Simon Critchley, the British philosopher and author who moderates the New York Times' philosophy-focused forum "The Stone," along with a group of other guest philosophers, will delve into some deep thinking with children from ages five to twelve. (Workshops will be divided by age group; see the festival website for details.) These talks are free, but get there early, as they're first come, first served.


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