Ryan Gander: I see straight through you

Location Info:

Lisson Gallery
504 W. 24th St.
New York, NY  10011
In "I see straight through you," the British artist Ryan Gander's current show at Lisson Gallery (and his first in New York since 2008), a pair of disembodied eyes — colored the blue of a Marriott pool, the brows slightly off-kilter — follows visitors around the floor. With the help of motion sensors, the piece, Dominae Illud Opus Populare, registers the emotions and responds to the movement of those in the room. This might sound oppressive, but part of the appeal of Gander's work is his tendency to locate playfulness and even mischief in subjects (machines, robots) that a lot of other artists approach with a doomsday-serious tone. One marvelous item, Your Bolstered Voice (Dramaturgical framework for structure and stability), has a stick-thin robotic figure holding, and contemplating, a smaller, upside-down version of himself. With this sly intrigue and humanity, Gander easily captures the wonder that so often eludes even the most advanced moving-image realization of similar material usually on offer at your local multiplex.

Photograph: © Ryan Gander / Courtesy Lisson Gallery.


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