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Julie Saul Gallery
535 W. 22nd St.
New York, NY  10011
Maybe no one wants to see your dirty laundry. But photographer Sally Gall craves your clean stuff. Her photo documents of sheets and skivvies hung out to dry are now on view in the exhibition "Aerial" at the Julie Saul Gallery. Trolling the backyards of Cuba, Italy, and Croatia, Gall created a visual essay that transforms ordinary acts of domesticity into fantastical, eye-popping abstractions. Shooting on breezy days and angling her camera from below, Gall caught the hooped bottoms of skirts and dresses as they billowed into floral or marine shapes — poppies and anemones come to mind. Yet even less dramatic washing has its own kind of beauty, including the simplest of white linens (edged in dark stitching) that sketch elegant lines across a print called Telltale.

Photograph: © Sally Gall / Courtesy Julie Saul Gallery, New York.
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