Sarah Manguso: 300 Arguments

Like much of her previous work, including the 2015 Ongoingness, Sarah Manguso's 300 Arguments transcends genre. More fractured than traditional memoir but more practically applied to real life than standard prose poetry, her latest slim volume of pithy aphorisms is a powerful meditation on desire, failure, and relationships. Each short entry is minimalism at its best — every word matters, and together those words add up to a string of fascinating and beautifully written psychological insights. Here at the Center for Fiction, the author, who's been compared to both Lydia Davis and David Markson, will be joined by Lorin Stein, the editor-in-chief of the Paris Review. Given Stein's acclaimed work as a translator of genre-bending books (see Edouard Levé’s Autoportrait), their conversation promises to touch on a range of editorial, linguistic, and artistic choices.
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