Fridays, 7:30 & 10:30 p.m. Continues through Jan. 15 2017

Location Info:

The Kingsland Ward at St. Johns
195 Maujer St.
Brooklyn, NY  11206
Almost four years ago, the critically acclaimed, Bessie-winning theater event Then She Fell opened in Brooklyn, turning the life and writings of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, into a fully immersive experience of movement, music, calligraphy, food, drink, and mad people — from the Hatter to various queens and young Alice-figures. Only fifteen people a night (who must be over 21) explore the purported psychiatric hospital where the encounters transpire; you could find yourself alone in a crowd of performers, and may be ordered around by Victorian eccentrics. Zach Morris, Tom Pearson, and Jennine Willet wrote, choreographed, directed, and designed the piece with its original cast; currently a roster of 26 actor-dancers rotates in and out of the two-hour, much-in-demand show, which just unleashed a new block of tickets and keeps you in constant motion.


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