Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

<i>Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me</i>

Courtesy City Cinemas

Those journeying through Twin Peaks for the first or umpteenth time in anticipation of an imminent return cannot afford to ignore David Lynch's big-screen prequel – and that's regardless of the fact that it supposedly connects to his upcoming revival in a fairly significant way. This chronicle of Laura Palmer's last week on earth — which includes a brief look at Agent Cooper's fate after a shocking series finale — is a work whose soul-stirring effect surprises even by this director's notorious standard. (It's also, of course, packed to the gills with that special element of cinematic oddity we can only label "Lynchian.") Screening on a 35mm print in the Village East's spectacular main theater, Fire Walk With Me can be experienced here in its purest form. Be forewarned: You’ll never again look at that small town or its namesake quite the same way.


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