Vicky Chow

Courtesy National Sawdust

Location Info:

National Sawdust
80 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, New York  11215
New-music piano virtuoso Vicky Chow found solace amid an emotional crisis in the ten bracing, electronically augmented tracks that make up A O R T A, the Bang on a Can All-Star's second album for the New Amsterdam label. Chow will perform selections from the moving work here, including Christopher Cerrone's jagged hour-of-the-wolf meditation "Hoyt/Schermerhorn"; Daniel Wohl's "Bones," a duet for live and recorded pianos; Molly Joyce's run-for-your-life "Rave"; and Andy Akiho's "Vick(i/y)" — written for Chow and fellow pianist Vicki Ray — which transforms Chow's instrument into a hybrid piano and steel pan drum. (She will also join drummer-composer Akiho in two of his own works.) Loud Objects, a quartet of real-time circuit benders, will brandish their soldering irons to kick things off.


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