Scientific research has begun to challenge the assumption that autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are more prevalent in boys, finding that girls with ASD manifest symptoms differently and are frequently misdiagnosed. U.K. theater company Patch of Blue is trying to redress a similar imbalance in stage representations through its devised play, We Live by the Sea, which gives voice to the experiences of girls with autism. Told from the point of view of fifteen-year-old Katy (Alex Brain), who is on the autism spectrum, the play tries "to change people's preconceptions about autism," explains director Alex Howarth. Rather than offer pat solutions, Sea presents an honest, emotional portrait of life with autism for girls living it. With dynamic visual storytelling and live music by British electronic-folk band Wovoka Gentle, the play follows its sold-out appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a local run in the annual Fringe Encores Series.


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