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Arrested Development Bingo

8:30 p.m. every Wed. until September 17
308 Bedford Ave., 1 Brooklyn, NY

Price: Free


Do you love Arrested Development? Do you yearn for the simpler games of your youth? Do you like to win prizes? Then have we got the event for you! Every Wednesday night we’ll be watching Arrested Development and playing BINGO. Watch for things like the stair car, the banana stand, and White Power Bill. Listen for quotes like “no touching” and the surprisingly pervasive “buddy.” Get a BINGO and you’ll win a free drink or a free frozen banana! Come as a “never nude” and get a free drink AND a free frozen banana!* *Must be “nude” through entire event (women allowed bikini tops/bras in addition to jean shorts).

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308 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY

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