A Life in Motion

Ian Brownell and Webb Wilcoxen's A Time To Dance (Anthology, August 19–22 and 27–29) is a family affair, initiated by a young man whose mother's life was changed by dance therapist Norma Canner. Narrated by Ruby Dee, their collage of old footage, new talking-head interviews, still photographs, and videotapes of workshops is really a Festschrift celebrating Canner's life. Now 80, she gave up a career in "the left-wing theater" and on Broadway to have a family. After encountering groundbreaking creative-dance teacher Barbara Mettler, she herself began teaching, developing approaches to movement with disabled children. Now in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she works with people like Anne Brownell, adults blocked and miserable who, through Canner's attention, recover lives of function and pleasure. Mrs. Brownell, the film's executive producer, now assists Canner; her son Ian and his codirector have assembled a leisurely tribute that respects figures rarely noticed in the swirl of metropolitan media.

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