Brain-damaged: Barrymore gets to forget; what about us?

Amnesia comes in handy.
photo: Columbia Pictures

Don't you hate the way women you wanna fuck always end up getting all clingy? Wish you could meet one who had car-crash-induced temporal-lobe damage that caused short-term memory loss preventing her from forming attachments? Oddly, Adam Sandler's sub-Farrellyan tastelessness in 50 First Dates mutates en route into Oliver Sacksian pathos. Cured early of male-sluthood by one sunny chat with afflicted Lucy (Drew Barrymore), Sandler morphs into an Annie Sullivan, helping the brave amnesiac. Unfortunately, with Sandler in punch-drunk sweetie mode, the low-comedy burden rests with a lisping Sean Astin as Lucy's steroido brother, Rob Schneider in quasi-blackface as horny Hawaiian stoner Ula, Lusia Strus as Sandler's freaky androgyne assistant, and antic sea animals. The barf stream of gay jokes, pussy jokes, fat wife jokes, more gay jokes, and walrus penis jokes ends up making you pine for Lucy's gift of forgetting.

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