Out of Season

Micki is a drifter, a rebel. She pulls at her cigarettes like they were straws in an obstinate Slurpee, turns heads at the local diner when she orders breakfast at three in the afternoon, and never sheds her black leather jacket—she even sports it around the Jersey seashore house where she's come to care for her dying uncle, Charlie. Despite Micki's badass facade, she's mostly content to sit around and stare at diner employee Roberta, an old pal of Charlie's who plays on Micki's team but has benched herself indefinitely. There are many dramatic possibilities in an interracial lesbian romance set in a provincial town, but Out of Season focuses on the women's fears of commitment, which would be fine—even refreshing—if they seemed to, well, like each other or something. The listless, lustless duo ends up confirming the pervasive straight assumption that any two gay folks with mutual friends were made for each other.

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