Ring Recycle: A Horror Parody Franchise Gets Its Third Wind

D-cup D-listers: SM3's Coors twins
photo: Peter Sorel

Once again setting the mass culture Cuisinart on pulverize, this hugely profitable spoof franchise rebounds nicely from its sophomore misfire, giddily inbreeding the plots of a half-dozen box office overachievers—from The Ring to 8 Mile—until the result assumes a comically unstoppable life of its own. Taking over from the Wayans brothers, director David Zucker tones down the raunch and ups the PG-13 slapstick (no semen showers, but plenty of Jackass-style ultraviolence). After discovering a tape that kills you seven days after watching it, TV reporter Cindy Sherman (Anna Faris) seeks the help of an ex-minister (Charlie Sheen), whose cornfield is under attack by UFOs and whose wigger brother (Simon Rex) dreams of becoming a rapper. Together, they set off to consult the local Oracle (Queen Latifah), a chain-smoking hoyden with bad gas. The intersecting parodies are as deliriously convoluted as the obligatory D-list celebrity cameos—including Pam Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, and the Coors twins—are boobalicious. Vigorously date- and time-stamped, Scary Movie 3 boasts a cultural half-life of about five seconds, but for those seeking a return on their weekly multiplex pilgrimages, this movie is The One.

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