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This, the second reinstitution of the annual World's Hardest Movie Quiz in the Stuart Byron tradition, takes few prisoners, but so it must with research options so breezily available. Our strategy remains simple: questions easily answerable through a handy reference volume or a trip to the video store were discarded. Also, don't expect a quick search on the Net to help you— rely on the Internet Movie Database at your peril. Byron was humble, and so shall we be: feel free to one-up our answers. The deadline: March 10. You can mail your entry to the Voice offices or e-mail it to The prize: a $150 gift certificate at the bookshop or video store of your choice. Of course, all Voice employees are ineligible, as are the few scholars who helped us with suggestions and fact-checking.

Forgotten Silver

1. For each of the stills on this page, a through d, name the film.





2. Who starred in the following lost/forgotten English-language movies?
a. Mules and Mortgages (1919)
b. Spooks and Spasms (1917)
c. Footlights and Shadows (1920)
d. When Winter Went (1925)

3. Who was the only actor to appear in films directed by Cecil B. DeMille, King Vidor, and Edward D. Wood Jr.?

Between the Lines

4. What silent films featured these title cards?
a. "And when he had crossed the bridge, the phantoms came to meet him."
b. "Yessuh, dis is de Autumn Leaf Social Club, 'n I'se de proprietor."
c. "Your brother in his grave— and you in the arms of a German!"
d. "In five minutes the house will blow up and this note will be found on your cadaver."
e. "The fall smashed the cage— and it got out! It's running wild— the streets are in an uproar!"

5. For the following quotes, who said them and in what film?
a. "If there were proof, we'd know. There'd be no need to believe. One would just see and understand. But that would be heaven. . . . "
b. "I hate airports. Too many airplanes."
c. "I don't tink you are a Porsch-a customer, Mr. Frenger."
d. "There's something about Latin men. . . . For one thing, they can dance. For another. . . . What's your telephone number?"
e. "There's a secret between the earth and me."
f. "I like people too much to shoot. But it's a dark year and a hard night. . . ."

6. Name the movie in which these poems are read and/or spoken aloud:
a. "somewhere i have never travelled. . . ," e.e. cummings
b. "The Pied Piper of Hamelin," Robert Browning
c. "The Hollow Men," T.S. Eliot
d. "Ample make this bed," Emily Dickinson

7. The following famous lines were each left out of a particular film for one reason or another. Name the films.
a. "I can still see!"
b. "He wants a vest with tits on it."
c. "Come with me to the Casbah."
d. "He's as harmless as kitchen."

First Love, Last Rites

8. Who was the first French woman filmmaker?

9. What was the last film shot at and about Ebbets Field before its demolition?

10. What was the last film shot at and about the Berlin Wall before its demolition?

High Art

11. Whose design was used for the space suits in the original Alien?

12. Which artists created the poster art for these films, in these countries?
a. La Roué, France
b. Quest for Fire, France
c. Star Wars, U.S.
d. What's New, Pussycat?, U.S.
e. Ivan's Childhood, Germany
f. Empire of Passion, France
g. American Graffiti, U.S.

13. What films featured scenes visually modeled after these famous paintings?
a. Nighthawks, Edward Hopper
b. The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci
c. The Wedding Dance, Brueghel
d. La Reproduction Interdite, René Magritte
e. Birth of Venus, Botticelli
f. Chatterton, Henry Wallis

The Boost

14. What directors got their start by working under these directors?
a. Alexander Ford
b. Rex Ingram
c. Pier Paolo Pasolini
d. Jacques Demy
e. Krzysztof Zanussi
f. Julien Duvivier
g. Fritz Lang
h. Louis Feuillade

15. What directors studied under these directors?
a. Mark Donskoi
b. Lev Kuleshov
c. Milos Forman
d. Werner Herzog
e. Nicholas Ray
f. Martin Scorsese

Secrets & Lies

16. What was digitally removed from Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas?

17. What did Bobby Beausoleil bury in Death Valley?

18. How many films did exploitation juggernaut Jesus Franco actually direct?

19. Name the movies in which scenes appeared from these fictional films:
a. Coming Home in a Bodybag
b. Mant
c. Stan the Man in Taihape
d. Co-Ed Frenzy
e. Habeas Corpus
f. Night Wind
g. Hearts and Pearls
h. The Odyssey

Hard Copy

20. What movie did Cahiers du cinema vote the best of 1998?

21. What movies were tied for third?

22. Name 25 directors who are also published novelists.

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