Film Poll 2012
Robert Abele
Simon Abrams
Sam Adams
Jason Anderson
Melissa Anderson
David Ansen
Michael Atkinson
Sean Axmaker
Sheila Benson
Richard Brody
Tom Charity
Godfrey Cheshire
Daryl Chin
Jaime N. Christley
Sherilyn Connelly
Mike D'Angelo
Steve Dollar
A.A. Dowd
Bilge Ebiri
David Ehrenstein
Jim Emerson
Steve Erickson
Scott Foundas
Cynthia Fuchs
Lance Goldenberg
Ed Gonzalez
Andrew Grant
Tim Grierson
Larry Gross
Pete Vonder Haar
Eugene Hernandez
Aaron Hillis
Christoph Huber
Eric Hynes
Adam Kempenaar
Ben Kenigsberg
Peter Keough
Laura Kern
Jonathan Kiefer
Peter Knegt
Eric Kohn
Dan Kois
Michael Koresky
Josh Larsen
Richard Lawson
Diego Lerer
Karina Longworth
Phillip Lopate
Patrick Z. McGavin
Marsha Mccreadie
Benjamin Mercer
Kristi Mitsuda
Adam Nayman
Rob Nelson
Michael Nordine
Mark Olsen
Michelle Orange
Chris Packham
Gerald Peary
Keith Phipps
Nick Pinkerton
James Quandt
Nathan Rabin
Nicolas Rapold
Mara Reinstein
Vadim Rizov
James Rocchi
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Joshua Rothkopf
Mike Rubin
Nick Schager
Andrew Schenker
Alan Scherstuhl
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Michael Sicinski
Matt Singer
Nigel M. Smith
David Sterritt
Ryan Stewart
Amy Taubin
Anne Thompson
Scott Tobias
Keith Uhlich
Matthew Wilder
Alison Willmore
Chuck Wilson

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How the Film Poll Works

This year, 85 critics from across the country voted for their favorite films, performances, and filmmakers in 12 categories. For six of those categories (Best Film of the Year, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Undistributed Film), critics had the option to either "rank" or "unrank" their votes. For example, in the Best Film category, where ten votes are possible, a ranked ballot's #1 choice was awarded 10 points, the #2 choice nine points, etc. On ballots designated as "unranked," films were awarded five points each, and performances two points. Ties of any kind were not allowed.

A film is eligible only in the year that it was first distributed in the U.S. For the category of Best Undistributed Film, only those films from the past 12 months that have yet to secure a theatrical distributor were eligible (as opposed to those films with distributors that simply won't be released until next year).

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