Film Poll 2016

film - Votes for Moonlight

Robert Abele Unranked
Sam Adams 1st
Jason Anderson 9th
Melissa Anderson 1st
David Ansen 1st
Michael Atkinson 10th
Sean Axmaker 5th
Miriam Bale 1st
Sheila Benson 1st
Danny Bowes 3rd
Richard Brody 2nd
Andrew Chan 2nd
Daryl Chin 3rd
Bob Chipman 3rd
Julia Cooper 2nd
Peter Debruge 2nd
Steve Dollar 1st
A.A. Dowd 2nd
Diana Drumm 1st
Alonso Duralde 1st
Bilge Ebiri 7th
David Edelstein 6th
David Ehrlich 1st
Annlee Ellingson 2nd
Kate Erbland 2nd
Steve Erickson 2nd
Shelley Farmer Unranked
Jon Frosch 1st
Todd Gilchrist 1st
Lance Goldenberg 9th
Tim Grierson 1st
Larry Gross 6th
Dan Gvozden 3rd
Pete Vonder Haar Unranked
Odie Henderson 9th
Eugene Hernandez 1st
Aaron Hillis 2nd
Jordan Hoffman 10th
Ren Jender 3rd
Don Kaye 3rd
Adam Kempenaar 5th
Laura Kern 3rd
Katie Kilkenny 1st
Eric Kohn 1st
Dan Kois 1st
Michael Koresky 9th
Tomris Laffly Unranked
Josh Larsen 7th
Richard Lawson 2nd
Robert Levin 3rd
Craig D. Lindsey Unranked
Willow Maclay 10th
Patrick Z. McGavin 1st
Benjamin Mercer Unranked
Noel Murray 4th
Amy Nicholson 8th
John Oursler Unranked
Gerald Peary 10th
Sasha Perl-Raver 4th
Keith Phipps 1st
Mara Reinstein 4th
Katey Rich 5th
Joshua Rothkopf 7th
Mike Rubin 1st
Mike Ryan 3rd
Nick Schager 9th
Alan Scherstuhl 1st
Brent Simon Unranked
David Sims 2nd
Matt Singer 5th
Jeremy Smith 4th
Josh Spiegel 1st
Elizabeth Stoddard 1st
Brian Tallerico 1st
Amy Taubin 2nd
Anne Thompson 4th
Scott Tobias 7th
Kyle Turner 2nd
Todd VanDerWerff 2nd
Katie Walsh 2nd
Sam Weisberg 10th
Max Weiss 1st
Alissa Wilkinson Unranked
Chuck Wilson 4th
Genevieve Yue 7th


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