Bar LunÀtico

486 Halsey St
Brooklyn, New York 11233
Bar LunÀtico is a new space in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. We serve live music, cocktails, wine & cicchetti nightly. LunÀtico is the progeny of three Brooklyn-based touring musicians – Richard Julian, Rosita Késs, and Arthur Kell. After many years traveling the planet and performing in countless dives and venues, we developed some big opinions about what constitutes a great hang. We hope Bar LunÀtico becomes your perfect hang. Expect exceptional live music. Everything from gypsy jazz to Brazilian forro. Don’t be surprised if you walk in to find a band who plays music from Bollywood cinema. We know one. We also feature exquisite wines, and tequilas as well as lovingly prepared breads, cheeses and meats – and the occasional seafood gumbo or exotic stew.


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