Ben Sherman

96 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012
Home to the finer pieces from this seasonas collection, the 5300-square-foot Ben Sherman Soho Store is luxuriously outfitted with antique desks, dressing rooms with upholstered stools in custom-print fabrics, Union Jack couches, houndstooth walls, and black-and-white photos of young Mods. (We were told the theme of the store is aMods in the Mansion,a a fancier incarnation of the labelas more humble beginnings in EnglandaBen Sherman began with a shop in Brighton and a showroom on Londonas Carnaby Street during the swinging a60s.)

Ben Sherman got his first big break in the a60s when his menswearain particular the Sherman button-down, available in a variety of vivid stripes and printsabecame a favorite with Londonas mod kids. Ben Sherman shirts were worn by every Brit band from the Kinks to the Birds, and later donned by mod-style-emulators like the Buzzcocks, the Jam, and Madness.


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