Bis Milalh

1235 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11216


  • $
  • No Parking
  • Reservations Accepted, Reservations Not Necessary
Following a trend that has taken this Bed-Stuy neighborhood-anchored by Brooklyn's foremost mosque-by storm, this halal place mounts an imperially long steam table merchandised by the pound and loaded with African, Caribbean, and North American delicacies. The African stuff is nominally Senegalese, with a decent bluefish cheb, a wonderfully slimy chicken-and-okra casserole, and a sauté of diverse cubed organ meats. From the island roster comes a fiery jerk chicken, while African-American cooking is ably represented by stewed greens and mac-and-cheese. There are also fish fried and sauced, the recipes of uncertain provenance.
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