Café Andalucia

533 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10018
The Rowe NetStar Internet jukebox over at this terrific tapas joint boasts over 100,000 songs (two for $1; five for $2) and even takes credit cards (sadly, the bar does not). There's only one catch: If your song's not on the 200 mostly r&b and Spanish albums already programmed in, you have to pay double to download it off the Internet. And if you've got even more money to burnaor you're just really drunkayou can skip your selections to the front of the line for an extra five song credits. But such a drastic measure rarely needs to be taken, since most people come to CafA(c) Andalucia to catch a buzz or to make a late-night meal out of intensely flavorful tapas like the Galician-style octopus ($9). Yet with such deceptively strong sangria ($18 pitchers), deliciously offbeat clientele, and gracious service, it's not like you'd mind waiting.


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