Chong Sol - Closed

49-11 Roosevelt Ave.
Flushing, NY 11377
Chong Sol

Jesse Reed


  • $$$
  • No Parking
  • Reservations Not Necessary
It was one of those evenings when everything went wrong. Our destination--a new Peruvian in Sunnyside--proved elusive, and we were left combing the streets for a place all four of us could agree on. Up loomed Korean barbecue Chong Sol. Right off, the portions of meat, all around $20, appeared larger than usual as they sizzled on the grill. The thin-sliced brisket competed with the thick-sliced marinated rib for our affection. The pan chan (tiny, free, appetizing dishes) were more profuse than usual, and the matronly waitress shared our bibimbap and blood-sausage soup into separate bowls. Everything rocked.
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