Clearview's Roslyn Cinemas

20 Tower Place
Roslyn, NY 11576
Clearview's Roslyn Cinemas

Clearview Cinemas

Housed in a white 19th century building with a proper marquee, Clearview's Roslyn Cinemas has four screens that show a mix of mainstream, independent, and foreign films. The old-fashioned moviehouse sits on a triangular park with a stone tower in Roslyn. It typically has two show times per screen during the week, plus late evening shows on the weekends. Clearview's Roslyn features a basic concession stand, and while the large, first-floor auditoriums are handicap accessible, the two smaller theaters upstairs are not. However, the cinemas' atmosphere and well-balanced selection outweigh the theater's small size and absence of modern movie amenities (or novelties) like 3D.


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