Coney Island

1208 Surf Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11224
Best Of
Why Coney Island? Well, there is the hot dog competition, and if you can eat 55 you might be able to win next year. There is the boardwalk and the nasty New York harbor water, but, most importantly, Coney Island has an old school freak show, or sideshow, as they call it. See a sword eater, a bug eater, a contortionist, a mermaid (really just a stripper with a tail), and more! And of course, all those games to win stuffed animals. Hours: Easter-Memorial Day Sat & Sun; Memorial Day-Labor Day Daily; Labor Day-late September Sat & Sun

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    In 1979, The Warriors chronicled the pilgrimage of a gang of leather-clad street kids as they fought their way through the Wild West of the Bronx back to their home turf out on Coney Island. At the time, the film was slammed as “sti...

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