45 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012
On a corner of Nolita, catty-corner from Spring Street Lounge and across the street from Pomodoro's Pizza, sits a Crumpler store we must have passed a hundred times without bothering to look inside. If we had, we would have found floor-to-ceiling walls crammed with no-frills bags in all shapes, colors, and sizesafrom iPod pouches to sacks big enough to smuggle a kid in. The various styles are not intuitively labeled "small backpack" or "large messenger bag," but bear curious names like "The Breakfast Buffet," "The Salary Sacrifice," "The Soupansalad," and even "The Moderate Embarrassment," "The Considerable Embarrassment," and "The Dreadful Embarrassment." Funny names for what appear to be fairly basicaalbeit impressively indestructibleabags. It's indicative of the kooky, unconventional marketing strategy of this Australian companyathe greatest manifestation being Crumpler's annual beer for bags exchange, where the stores accept beer in lieu of cash for two weeks.


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