369 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Darr means "home" in Arabic. When people walk into this shop, they often say something like "I want to move in here!" It's not just the fact that there are beautiful things all around. It's that the beautiful things are arranged in casual little moments, with something extraordinary (a French glass bird feeder, $25) placed on something nostalgic or familiar (a cast iron griddle, $65). In the center of the store, some of the most decadent pieces are thrown together nonchalantly. A late-18th-century wooden table ($3,600) from Morocco is arranged with rolled-up Chinese ancestor portraits from the '20s ($350 each), silver lamps from the '70s ($550 for the pair), a samurai training helmet from Japan, circa 1870 ($495), a derby hat mold from the late 19th century ($185), and a taxidermy bird in a little cage.


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