Die Koelner Bierhalle

84 Saint Marks Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Flanked by the characteristically Park Slope setup of an auto workshop and a community garden, Die Koelner Bierhalle’s airy, communal table-lined space brandishes a large painting of the city of Cologne’s crest on its cement wall. Light blue and white drapes hang from the ceiling, as does an enormous steel fan. The figures in the foosball table have the defined muscles and varying skin tones of the athletes on the large projector screen. Pint and half-pint mugs, stoneware beer steins, and polite smatterings of liquor bottles -- for who’d want to order a vodka tonic here? -- are stacked behind the bar, ready to be filled by the zesty, malty, honeyed and hoppy flavors of beer from the almost exclusively German tap menu.


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