240 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012
On Project Runway, contestant Emmett McCarthy's appearance was that of the unerringly dapper WASP, one of our city's beloved lost Gatsby types hell-bent on resurrecting spats or straw hats for one jolly last hurrahaor a trip to CVS for more Charmin Extra Bouncy. We mistakenly assumed McCarthy would be stocking his new shop with clothes for a female Gatsby, but the collection is aimed not at Daisy Buchanan but at a trend-seeking Hamptonite. A lot of the items are similar to what you'd find at Scoop or Intermix: the ubiquitous Moroccan belt; resort-ready jersey-knit dresses with decorative inserts for the 0.002% of humanity who actually seek out resort wear; a white jersey-knit top heavily beaded at the collar, negating the need for a necklace but fulfilling that vital unspoken requirement at the Scoop storeaeverything must go with Earnest Sewn jeans. But his simple, elegant halter dresses in silk and linen are cut in a kind, universally flattering fit, emphasizing what's up top while gliding mercifully over our adorable guts. This is what you should expect from a $340 gown, yet don't always receive.


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