Gin Palace

95 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
A dark, opulent den in the East Village, Gin Palace pays homage to the dazzling gin joints of Dickensian London, hedonistic places meant to distract patrons from the grime outside. Plush black booths line walls and alcoves beneath a painted ceiling, and red accents add a hint of a bordello vibe. Thankfully, cocktail bars have long since shed their vulgar connotations, and, better still, the drinks are much improved since the mid 19th century. Gin is, of course, the focus here, and you'll find dozens of varieties at the back bar, ready to be poured into soda or made into a cocktail of your choice. If you need inspiration, check out the cocktail board, which includes gin and tonic poured on tap, original creations, riffs on classics, and, of course, one hell of a martini, served with your choice of olive, onion, or twist.

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