Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center

647 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10025


  • M-F, 9am-6pm; performance nights, 10pm; performance weekends 10am-10pm
The Bernie Wohl Center, at 91st Street and Columbus Avenue, is home to Goddard Riverside's Community Arts Program. Its renovated, versatile auditorium functions as a concert hall, theater in the round, dance performance space, art gallery, and film screening room. Visiting artists love the acoustics and the many classrooms, which can be used for meetings and rehearsals. The theater comfortably seats 100 for an intimate arts experience. Goddard Riverside Community Center, founded in 1959, works to transform communities, change individual lives and create a more just society where everyone, regardless of status or life circumstance, has adequate food, clothing, shelter and the ability to live life to its fullest.


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