Great Lakes - Closed

284 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215


  • Daily 6pm-4am
  • Late Night
Brooklyn hipster bars thrive on, cherish, and painstakingly rework those handpicked CD selections in the jukebox every, oh, 30 minutes or so. Itas a point of pride and bragging rights, kind of like having your own radio show . . . but not really. We like how the first track on Fugazias 13 Songs, and only the first track, didnat make the cut hereasavagely crossed out with a felt-tip Sharpie. Park Slope denizens must approve, because this spacious, high-ceilinged bar outfitted with flea-market furniture is still one of their favorites. Their counterparts in Carroll Gardens hit Great Lakesas sister outpost, Boat. Yeah, we still donat get whatas up with the fisherman theme either.


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