Hotel on Rivington

107 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002
Best Of
Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated often get tossed around when describing the atmosphere of the Lower East Side's Hotel on Rivington. Though the mod-chic veneer is starting to wear a little thin in some parts of the space, there's never a dull moment when--and if--you can make it upstairs to the penthouse lounge. Beyond having to traverse elevators and stairways to get to, the lounge here has a notoriously finicky door policy. Some nights, the bouncers may seem overly zealous. Others, you might wonder if they are paying attention at all. Unless the lounge is booked out for private events, DJs here spin a vague mix of danceable tracks and what’s trending. Some have said they’ve gotten bad treatment, and the drinks, as always in a place of this caliber, are what many call overpriced. But that's expected in a joint like this, and almost all is forgiven when you enjoy the view. The penthouse sits on one of the neighborhood's tallest buildings. Just look at that skyline. --Dale Eisinger


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