Kopiaste Taverna

23-15 31st St.
New York, NY 11105


  • Sun 12pm-10pm, Mon-Fri 11:30am-10pm, Sat 4pm-12am
Kopiaste, which means “Come in and sit down,” is an Astorian taverna that represents the cuisine of the Greek population of the island of Cyprus, a place that has been disputed territory between Greece and Turkey for at least a century. The food at this amazing place is a fascinating mixture of Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Greek, and the best way to experience this is a tasting of 17 dishes called Cyprus Meze on the menu. There are bread dips like tzatziki and taramosalata, both tasting a little different than you remember them from other Greek places. Other dishes included cracked-wheat torpedos much like Lebanese kibbe and a pilaf made with bulghur that is similarly Middle Eastern. Then there are wine-laced sausages, and pork and chicken kebabs. Depart from the tasting menu and find other Attic delights: browned zucchini patties served with garlicky scordalia, charred octopus tentacles in a red wine vinaigrette, and whole fish flame grilled and doused with lemon. --Robert Sietsema

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