575 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022
I wonder what fancy WASPsafor whom Lacoste polos are de rigueur for the season in Nantucketathink when they venture into the Madison Avenue flagship and find the place crawling with black teenagers and gay couples. Lacoste is cooler now than perhaps it ever was: Witness Gwyneth's shirtdress in that stupid movie, or the fact that, when he's not shirtless (yum!) Pharrell Williams sports a Lacoste polo. I can't explain the popularity of the flipped-up collar (reminds me of handsome-but-cocky, bad-guy, James Spader types from countless '80s films) but that aside, this is one trend I'd love to see stick around for a while. OTHER LOCATION: 134 Prince St. New York, NY 212-226-5019


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