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Alayne Patrick, the owner of Boerum Hill home goods store Layla and a former film stylist, arranges her shop like a movie set. Starting with a foundation of hand-chosen fabrics that she imports from craftspeople in India, Patrick the store sells beautiful patterned linens, towels, sheets, and pillows, along with an in-house line of cotton dresses and tunics that changes with the seasons. Silver jewelry, sandals, and other accessories, both new and antique, are also available. The stock changes frequently, as small batches of goods are rotated in and out, so it’s worthwhile to stop in and speak with Patrick--about style, her travels, or hows she meshes materials from Southeast Asia with Western sensibilities. If she’s not in, though, be ready for cold salespeople; their disinterest will make the price of your purchase sting more than such luxury usually allows. --Diana Clarke


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