615 Manhattan Ave.
New York, NY 11222

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  • Luksus Will Take Its Michelin Star Back, No Questions Asked
    7 months ago by Nick Lucchesi

    People swipe stuff from bars all the time. Pint glasses with fancy logos, delicate stem ware, Spuds MacKenzie posters, coasters, and self-worth are pocketed every night. Some bars and restaurants screw stuff right onto the walls, bu...

  • Five Great Egotarian Restaurants in NYC
    2 years ago by Zachary Feldman

    GQ's food correspondent Alan Richman recently decried the increasingly common practice of male-helmed kitchens orchestrating what he calls "Egotarian Cuisine:" Chefs turn out ever-stranger dishes meant to showcase their inspirations...

  • Luksus Unlocks the Symbiosis of Beer and Food
    2 years ago by Zachary Feldman

    Although I've yet to witness throngs of excitable youths galloping down Manhattan Avenue screaming for smørrebrød, maatjes herring in their bloated hipster bellies slowing them down, it would seem that the modest Nordi...

  • Meet Chef Daniel Burns of Just-Opened Luksus
    3 years ago by Laura Shunk

    It's been four months since Tørst first opened its doors in Greenpoint, immediately becoming an exalted destination for much of the craft beer establishment in this city, and people brave the G train in hordes for its rare dr...


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