19 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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More International Restaurants in East Village

  • For all practical purposes Yaffa is an East Village diner: it's "open always," pretty cheap, and ...

  • Drom
    Best Of

    Drom is haven for world music in a neighborhood packed with rock clubs. Traditional fasil music f...

  • Grape and Grain
    Best Of

    This is the oenophile's alternative to the owner's other spot, Against the Grain, a craft beer ba...

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More International Restaurants in New York

  • The Atlantic Chip Shop
    Best Of

    Park Slope's Chipshop stands alongside the West Village's A Salt and Battery as an establishment ...

  • Cafe Carlyle
    Best Of

    Staying at the Carlyle is like living in a lavish Upper East Side doorman apartment building. (Th...

  • Paradou
    Best Of

    Riffing on the wine-bar craze, this closet of a space in the meat district offers topped toasts s...

  • This establishment, third in the Blue Ribbon empire, offers a beguiling array of small plates, sa...

  • Not to be confused with the East Village joint 26 Seats, this below-Houston cafe; offers the plea...

  • Bar Six
    Best Of

    Sit in the rear room, with its mellow yellow walls, skylight, and well spaced tables. The bistro ...



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